To my strong, courageous and loving Wolfram,

Sleep well my precious one. You gave all you could give and then even more. Without you I would not have become me. Thank you.


Interview with the New York Studio School

Tricia Sellmer shares her New York Studio School interview published November 15th, 2018

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Art as an instrument for healing

Art can be an instrument for healing after a traumatic experience

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Contour lines and the Meditative process

Drawing provides an excellent tool in the preparation for painting. Drawing, using contour lines often begins a meditative process that will relax the artist and develop keen observation strategies.

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A visionary risk: Oh, Canada / New York: An art and cultural exchange

Artists, curators and small galleries often make important things happen.The vital components necessary to ensure a project materializes include vision, determination, financial support, gallery space and risk.

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Artists take risks: Blue Print for a Shroud

Making art is about taking risks, finding courage, then making the leap of faith. The piece, Blue Print for a Shroud, represents the thought process behind developing work that can be considered risky.

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Umbrian Postcards

In 2006 I traveled to Umbria and participated in an art residency at the International School of Painting, Drawing and Sculpture. The experience was magical.

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Winter Colours - The Video of the Paint In

30 members from St. Paul's Cathedral gathered October 1st, 2017 in my studio in Cherry Creek for a Paint-In to celebrate Water as part of the Season of Creation Series.

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You Brought Me the Moon But (You) did not Stay

I am often asked how my paintings come about. "Many different ways," I answer "but this is how You Brought Me the Moon But (You) did not Stay developed."

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