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Thompson Rivers University's brand new Chappell Family Building for Nursing and Population Health got even prettier this week with a large donation from a well-known local artist.

Tricia Sellmer has donated 30 paintings — worth $146,000 in all — to the TRU nursing program.

Six of the largest paintings, as well as six smaller pieces, have been installed in the new TRU nursing building.

Many of Sellmer’s works have been bought for health care facilities in the past and Sellmer said she believes art has a big role in healing the sick.

“Well, I think art in healthcare facilities is a really important aspect. I think it helps with healing. Actually, imagine you've got blank walls so what happens when you have something beautiful on the wall,” Sellmer said.

“But I think there's a whole area of art, good art in healing facilities. And so what better place than here right? In the this wonderful new building, that's going to be a trendsetter. It's important.”

As a TRU alumni, Sellmer hopes to inspire the next generation of students with her art.

Twelve of the 30 pieces have been installed at the Chappell Family Building. Others will be displayed in other buildings around campus and the rest will be put up for auction at the TRU Foundation Gala.

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Author Sydney Chisholm - Jun 19, 2021 / 4:00 am | Story: 337503