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Paint, Music and the beat goes on

Music can play an integral part of painting and the creative process.

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Paint By Numbers - a cultural phenomenon

During the 1950's the Paint By Number craze infiltrated and swept across North America. Today Paint Parties are now part of the cultural milieu for many North Americans. Way back in the Renaissance period, Leonardo da Vinci, born 500 years ago, on May 2nd, 1519, seemed to have sparked an interesting concept that was picked up and introduced into popular culture during the 1950's. Trace elements of this cultural phenomenon continue today.

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2019 Keynote address to the TRU BFA Graduates

Find Your Thumbprint. Tricia Sellmer's address to the Thompson Rivers University's 2019 Batchelor of Fine Arts graduates.

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Interview with the New York Studio School

Tricia Sellmer shares her New York Studio School interview published November 15th, 2018

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Art as an instrument for healing

Art can be an instrument for healing after a traumatic experience

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Contour lines and the Meditative process

Drawing provides an excellent tool in the preparation for painting. Drawing, using contour lines often begins a meditative process that will relax the artist and develop keen observation strategies.

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A visionary risk: Oh, Canada / New York: An art and cultural exchange

Artists, curators and small galleries often make important things happen.The vital components necessary to ensure a project materializes include vision, determination, financial support, gallery space and risk.

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Artists take risks: Blue Print for a Shroud

Making art is about taking risks, finding courage, then making the leap of faith. The piece, Blue Print for a Shroud, represents the thought process behind developing work that can be considered risky.

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The Blank Canvas

Standing in front of a blank canvas can be terrifying.

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Umbrian Postcards

In 2006 I traveled to Umbria and participated in an art residency at the International School of Painting, Drawing and Sculpture. The experience was magical.

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